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  Passage 1

  In the last 500 years, nothing about people --- not their clothes, ideas, or languages --- has changed as much as what they eat. The original chocolate drink was made form the seeds of the cocoa tree by South American Indians. The Spanish introduced it to the rest of the world during the 1500’s. And although it was very expensive, it quickly became fashionable. In London shops where chocolate drinks were served became important meeting places. Some still exist today.

  500 年来,没有关于人---不其衣服、 概念或语言---已一样他们吃了什么更改。原始的巧克力饮料南美洲印第安人已形成的可可树的种子。西班牙介绍这世界的其余部分在 1500's年的过程中。虽然也很贵,并很快成为时尚。伦敦在巧克力饮料的商店成为重要会议的地方。一些今天仍然存在。

  The potato is also from the New World. Around 1600, the Spanish brought it from Peru to Europe, where it soon was widely grown. Ireland became so dependent on it that thousands of Irish people starved when the crop failed during the “Potato Famine” of 1845-6, and thousands more were forced to immigrate to America.

  马铃薯也是来自新世界...1600附近,西班牙拿从秘鲁到欧洲,很快就被广泛种植。爱尔兰成为所以取决于它,成千上万的爱尔兰人饥饿时期间 1845年-6,马铃薯饥荒和数千作物的失败更是被迫移居到美国。

  There are many other foods that have graveled from south America go the Old World. But some others went in the opposite direction. Brazil is now the world’s largest grower of coffee, and coffee is an important crop in Colombia and other South American countries. But it is native to Ethiopia. It was first made into a drink by Arabs during the 1400’s.

  有了 graveled 的许多其他食品从南美洲去旧世界。但是,有些在相反的方向走。巴西现在是世界上最大的种植者的咖啡,与咖啡是重要的作物,在哥伦比亚和其他南美国家。但它是本机埃塞俄比亚。它是第一次制成喝一杯阿拉伯人在 1400's年的过程中。

  According to an Arabic legend, coffee was discovered when a goatherd named Kaldi noticed that his goats were attracted to the red berries on a coffee bush. He tried one and experienced the “wide-awake” feeling that one-third of the world’s population now starts the day with.


  1. According to the passage, which of the following has changed the most in the last 500 years? (A)依法获得通过,下列哪一项改变了近 500 年来之最?

  A.Food 食品 B.Chocolate C.Potato D.Coffee

  2.”Some” in “Some still exist today” (Para. 1) means ( C ) .”(第 1 段)"一些""一些今天仍然存在"意味着

  A.some cocoa trees B.some chocolate drinks C.some shops 有些商店 D.some South American Indians

  3. Thousands of Irish people starved during the “Potato Famine” because ( D) 成千上万的爱尔兰人在"马铃薯饥荒"期间因为

  A.they were so dependent on the potato that they refused to eat anything else

  B.they were forced go emigtate to America

  C.the weather conditions in Ireland were not suitable for growing the potato

  D.the potato harvest was bad

  4. Coffee originally came from ( C ) 咖啡最初来自

  A.Brazil B.Colombia C.Ethiopia D.Arabia

  5. The Arabic legend is used to prove that ( D ) 阿拉伯文的传说用来证明

  A.coffee was first discovered by Kaldi

  B. coffee was first discovered by Kaldi’s goats

  C. coffee was first discovered in south American countries

  D. coffee drinks were first made by Arabs. 咖啡饮料首次提出的阿拉伯人。

  Passage 2

  The Olympic Games are the greatest festival of sport in the world. Every four years, a hundred or more countries send their best sportsmen to compete for the highest honors in sport. As many as 6000 people take part in over 20 sports. For the winners, there are gold medals and glory. But there is honor, too, for all who compete, win or lose. That is in spirit of the Olympics --- to take part is what matters.

  奥林匹克运动会是体育世界的最大的节日。每隔四年,一百个或更多国家发送他们最好的运动员,争取在体育运动中的最高荣誉。多达 6000 人参加了 20 余运动。得奖者,有金牌和荣耀。但有荣誉,也为所有竞争、 赢或输的人。这是奥林匹克---精神,参加才是最重要。

  The Olympic Games always start in a bright color and action. The teams of all the nations parade in the opening ceremony and march round the track. The custom is for the Greek team to march in first. For it was in Greece that the Olympics began. The team of the host country marches in last.

  奥林匹克运动会总是开始在明亮的颜色和行动。在开幕式和 3 月的所有联合国游行的队伍圆轨道。自定义是希腊团队在第一年 3 月。它是在希腊奥运会开始的。东道国队游行最后。

  The runner with the Olympic torch then enters the stadium and lights the flame. A sportsman from the host country takes the Olympic oath on behalf of all the competitors. The judges and officials also take an oath. After the sportsman march out of the stadium, the host country puts on a wonderful display.


  The competitions begin the next day. There are more than twenty sports in the Games. The main events are in track and field. Each day the competitors take part in a different sport. Medals are awarded for thud individual winners and for national teams.

  比赛开始第二天。在比赛中有 20 多个体育。在田径中的主要事件。每一天的竞争对手参加不同的运动。评个人奖,国家队的奖牌。

  More and more women are taking part in the games. They first competed in 1900, in tennis and golf. Women’s swimming events were introduced in 1912. But it was not until 1928 that there were any track and field events for women. Now, they compete in all but half a dozen of the sports. In horse riding, shooting, and boat racing, they may compete in the same events as the men.

  越来越多的妇女参加奥运会。他们首次参赛的 1900 年,在网球和高尔夫球。在 1912 年提出的妇女的游泳比赛。但它不是直到 1928年有任何妇女的田径项目。现在,他们在所有但半打的体育竞争。在骑马、 射击,和赛艇,他们可能在与男子相同的事件进行竞争。

  1. Why is there honor for the losers as well as for the winners? D 为什么有的输家也像得奖者那样光荣

  A.Because failure is the mother of the success.

  B. Because losers need encouragement, too.

  C. Because losers and winners should be equally treated.

  D. Because what really matters is to take part in the Olympic Games. 因为真正重要的就是参加奥运会。

  2.Which of the following is a long-established practice in the opening ceremony? C 下列哪一项是在开幕式上的长期的习惯做法?

  A.Runners enter the stadium with twrches.

  B.Each team has to put on a wonderful display.

  C.The Greek team marches in first. 第一次在希腊团队游行。

  D.Men and women wear magnificent clothes.

  3. Who takes the Olympic oath? D 谁发表奥林匹克誓言?

  A.A judge from the host country.

  B.An official from the host country

  C.A Greek sportsman

  D.A sportsman from the host country. 由主办国家的运动员。

  4. What are the most important events in the Olympic Games? A 在奥林匹克运动会中最重要的事件是什么

  A.The track and field events. 田径项目。

  B.The horse-riding events

  C.The swimming events.

  D.The boat-racing events.

  5.When did women start taking part in Olympic Games? B 妇女什么时候开始参加奥运会?

  A.In 1912 B. In 1900. C. In 1928 D. In 1924.